For the Love of Water

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A place to celebrate, love and

contribute to pristine water for all life.

Cathy Drew 2013

For the Love of Water eBook

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A collection of beautiful

photographs, stories, poetry

and 10 water meditation videos

A meandering flow of

explorations and inspirations

shared through poetry, photographs,

guidance and what ever tickles me.

Women dedicated to bringing

clean water to the world.

Every dollar donated provides 2 people

with 10 years of clean water!

Cathy Drew

A Laughing Heart Adventure





My greatest joy and lifelong passion is to illuminate the beauty, brilliance and value inherent in all life, especially in those circumstances where this truth may be overshadowed by hurts, hardships and misconceptions.  To be part of a person's awakening to the ravishing beauty of their own exquisite nature and that of life is absolutely heavenly!!!  I get all mushy and giddy with every revelation.

Available for multi-media interactive keynotes, classes and art collaborations.  Topics: The power and beauty in Synchronicity, Manifestation, Intuition, Love, Language and Enchantment = S.M.I.L.E.  keynotes